HUIS Homewares is a homesewn business, creating high-quality colourful homewares to brighten your home, and to help make your home a HUIS.

Inspired by the vibrant colours of the Tropics, my passion for sewing started when I enrolled on a sewing course in 2016. I discovered a love for the alchemy of turning a piece of flat fabric into a functional and beautiful 3D item. 

From those early sewing lessons, the idea of HUIS Homewares started to grow. "Huis" is a Dutch word meaning "house" or "home", and reflects my part-Dutch heritage. The orange of the logo is a national colour of Holland, and one of my favourites too. 

I am drawn to fun and playfully-patterned fabrics and love to turn them into gorgeous, brightly- coloured things for the home. I buy limited quantities of each fabric so each piece is one of only a limited number of the same.  Everything is handmade by me at the kitchen table and I work on every piece with love. The end result is high-quality home accessories that can make your rooms "pop". My collection includes cushions, storage and seasonal accessories. 

Sewing brings me peace. I hope my pieces bring a smile to your home.